Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gene and Judes.........So Goooooood !!

The greatest hot dog stand in the world serves neither hamburgers, nor polish sausage, nor grilled chicken sandwiches. There is no grill, no char-broiler, no spinning mound of gyros. At the greatest hot dog stand they only need buckets of simmering water for dogs, steamers for steaming buns and Supreme tamales and ever bubbling vats of oil for the fresh cut fries.

You can see the greatest hot dog from far up the street. Beecause the greatest hot dog stand is all glass and harsh flouresant lights and stands as a beacon for all who are hungry. If you see a line, you know it will move fast.

The greatest hot dog stand follows few of the rules laid out by the experts. Their buns are poppy-seedless. They offer few condiments beyond mustard (no ketchup on site). They do not dust their dog with celary salt. Yes, it is a Vienna sausage, but a skinnyish one at that. You really need to eat more than one at the greatest hot dog stand in the world, and many of the customers do (Sample customer, "I'll take seven hot dogs and an [extra] order of fries).

The cooks at the greatest hot dog stand in the world occupy their time in between orders by thrusting fresh idaho potatos through a machine that converts them into perfect sized french fries. These amazing sticks of pure pototo get tossed on top of each offering so that if you want to eat them inside your hot dog bun, well you can and maybe should.

The greatest hot dog stand in the world is a throwback to a world when people ate hot dogs. A throwback to a time when a great stand could keep their buns steamed just right, and their red hots, hot but not limp. So a Gene and Jude hot dog snaps right back at you. Interactive eating. With a side of hot fries, you will know you are at the greatest hot dog stand in the world.

Gene and Judes

2720 River Road

River Grove, IL 60171-1325


On the corner of River Road and Grand

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Supreme Tamales ...Chicago's Own

When eating a Chicago Hot Dog you must add a Supreme Tamale to make it a true Chi- Town Meal

Since 1950, Supreme Frozen Products, Inc. has continuously supplied thousands of valued customers with only the finest quality ethnic foods available. When my Father started this company he made a promise to make his products from the same Family Recipe he learned years ago; a recipe of Family Pride, Fresh Ingredients, and Quality Services.

Years later that very same recipe is used in Supreme Frozen Products line of quality foods - the authentic ethnic flavors thousands of people have come to enjoy. Today, that success story has inspired an expanded line of exciting new products. Now in addition to our famous Supreme Tamale Beef Tamales, there are Beef and Bean Burritos, Beef Chili with Beans, and Crispy Pizza Fluffs (all USDA inspected and passed). Delicious new flavors made with that same family recipe my Father perfected years ago.
It would be our pleasure to have the opportunity to serve you!

This robust combination of homemade flavors and spices is a real chili lover's delight. Made with only the finest ingredients. Ground beef, red kidney beans, thick tomato paste, chili peppers and spices are blended together to create a rich hearty meal. Packed in retail and food service containers.
Supreme takes "The Heart of the Pizza" and brings to you the Pizza Fluff. A unique and different twist to Italy's traditional pizza. We've combined cooked Italian sausage, juicy ripe tomatoes, aged mozzarella cheese, Italian seasonings, and wrapped them in our delicate fluffy bread dough. A delicious, flavorful creation that's sure to satisfy. Packed in retail and food service sizes.

Our Supreme Tamale is made from a tasty blend of enriched cornmeal. ground beef, garlic, and seven secret spices all rolled up into one. Steamed or boiled, this spicy combination is a perfect complement to any meal. Packed by state of the art machinery and available to you in retail and food service sizes. 24-count decorative display trays are also available.
A soft hand rolled flour tortilla stuffed with cooked ground beef, pinto beans, chili pepper, onions and spices. Just the right balance of ground beef and seasonings. Tex-Mex at its best. packed in convenient retail and food services cases. 24-count attractive display trays are available upon request.

For more information about our products 

Supreme Frozen Products Inc.
5813 W. Grand Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60639
(773) 622-3777 or (888) 643-0405

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jimmy's Red Hots ...Grand & Pulaski

4000 W. Grand Ave

The 40-year old late night West Side hot dog stand calls itself the "home of the tube steak on a bun," serving up Vienna beef hot dogs, Polish sausages and tamales with thick French fries on the side. Ketchup is strictly forbidden.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


In May of 1948, Superdawg® was established at the corner of Milwaukee, Devon and Nagle in Chicago. Superdawg® continues to be family owned and operated in the same location today.

Maurie Berman, a recently returned G.I. from World War II, married his high school sweetheart Florence (Flaurie), in August of 1947. Maurie was attending Northwestern University, studying to be a CPA, while recent Northwestern grad Flaurie was teaching in the Chicago Public Schools. With their "school-year" schedules, the newlyweds wanted to open a business that they could operate during the summer months. Many other returning G.I.'s were opening roadside hot dog carts and Maurie and Flaurie decided to open their own roadside hot dog stand, one that would be as unique and distinctive as they were.

Maurie designed an architecturally distinct, 20' x 12' building topped with two 12 foot hot dog icons to beckon hungry passersby with their winking and blinking eyes. Maurie and Flaurie then created a proprietary, secret recipe to set themselves apart from the other hot dog stands popping up around the city. With a distinctive look and delicious recipe, they were almost ready to open. All they needed was a name. Inspired by the superheroes featured in the newly-created, popular comics of the '40's, Maurie and Flaurie named their signature product and restaurant. It was not a wiener – not a frankfurter – not a red hot – but their own exclusive SUPERDAWG™.

In 1948, Milwaukee and Devon was the end of the streetcar line. With the forest preserve and Whealan Pool across the street, the area was a great destination for swimming families and cruisin' teens. Kids could ride the streetcar for a nickel, and stop at Superdawg® where a Superdawg™ sandwich and drink cost only 32 cents. Many times, on their way home, they would stop and ask what they could buy for a dime. If they were a few cents short, Maurie and Flaurie would give them what they wanted and told them to bring the money back the next time they stopped, which they never failed to do.

In 1950 Maurie passed the CPA exam, but he and Flaurie decided to keep operating Superdawg® and to open year-round in order to retain the outstanding personnel that had become so invaluable to fulfilling the Superdawg® ideals. When Superdawg® first opened, the electronic speaker system had not been invented. Carhops went out to the cars to take orders and customers signaled that they were ready for their trays to be picked up by turning on their headlights. In the early 1950's the "carhop in a wire" electronic speaker system was installed, and Maurie designed the glowing blue "control tower" where the carhop sits to answer the switchboard and take orders. As Superdawg® grew into a successful business, Maurie and Flaurie found time to raise their family of three children (although not on Whoopercheesies® alone).

Throughout the years, small changes have been made to the menu, like the addition of the Whoopskidawg® in 1989 and the Superchic™ in 1991. However, the Superdawg™ recipe, the original trademark figures (continuing to flirtatiously wink at each other), and the drive-in concept have not changed. Customers can still order from their car and have a carhop deliver their order on a tray. Maurie and Flaurie’s attention to quality products and service, preparing each customer's meal to order, affirming the belief that the customer is always right, and insisting that the customer should always be treated as family continues today.

In 1999, Superdawg® underwent a makeover while retaining the original building and spirit. The classic '40's drive-in was updated with the addition of neon-studded canopies across the parking lot, a crisp new speaker system and a cozy, indoor dining room. The original rooftop figures were refurbished so that they can continue to serve as a Chicago landmark for years to come. In 2003, Superdawg® opened a second location on Midway Airport's B concourse, servicing Southwest Airlines.

Since 1948, Maurie, Flaurie, their children and grandchildren have scrupulously adhered to one goal: "always to serve you in a manner that will make you want to return – and bring your friends, and new generations, with you".

From the bottom of our pure beef hearts... THANKS FOR STOPPING