Friday, December 28, 2007

Good Bye Village Pizza, Rosemont Ill

After learning that my favorite pizza joint in all the world had been sold and closed has broken my heart!!! From the time I was a young man many a pizza, cheezy beef or even a dozen baked clams were a 3 time a week thing for as long as I remember, The original owners Jim and Anna were some remarkable and the very best a local town cold ask for. As a owner or helper of many town events Jim and Anna always were there to chip in. I worked for them for many years and have many many fond and fun memories of the fun all had working at this premier pizza and Italian food extravaganza, Later in the years my late daughter Dawn also had to work there, Now that I live in Arizona I always plan my trips home to Chicago with a Village pizza and a Gene and Judes hot dog, But never to have a Village pizza on that note thank you Village Pizza for being a great part of growing u and beyond.....................Michael

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gene And Judes " THE BEST"

The greatest hot dog stand in the world serves neither hamburgers, nor polish sausage, nor grilled chicken sandwiches. There is no grill, no char-broiler, no spinning mound of gyros. At the greatest hot dog stand they only need buckets of simmering water for dogs, steamers for steaming buns and Supreme tamales and ever bubbling vats of oil for the fresh cut fries.

You can see the greatest hot dog from far up the street. Beecause the greatest hot dog stand is all glass and harsh flouresant lights and stands as a beacon for all who are hungry. If you see a line, you know it will move fast.

The greatest hot dog stand follows few of the rules laid out by the experts. Their buns are poppy-seedless. They offer few condiments beyond mustard (no ketchup on site). They do not dust their dog with celary salt. Yes, it is a Vienna sausage, but a skinnyish one at that. You really need to eat more than one at the greatest hot dog stand in the world, and many of the customers do (Sample customer, "I'll take seven hot dogs and an [extra] order of fries).

The cooks at the greatest hot dog stand in the world occupy their time in between orders by thrusting fresh idaho potatos through a machine that converts them into perfect sized french fries. These amazing sticks of pure pototo get tossed on top of each offering so that if you want to eat them inside your hot dog bun, well you can and maybe should.

The greatest hot dog stand in the world is a throwback to a world when people ate hot dogs. A throwback to a time when a great stand could keep their buns steamed just right, and their red hots, hot but not limp. So a Gene and Jude hot dog snaps right back at you. Interactive eating. With a side of hot fries, you will know you are at the greatest hot dog stand in the world.

Gene and Judes
2720 River Road
River Grove, IL 60171-1325

On the corner of River Road and Grand

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Parky's Hot Dogs
329 Harlem Ave
Forest Park, IL 60130-1607
Phone: (708) 366-3090

Cross Street: Washington Boulevard Directions: El: Green Line to Harlem/Lake; bus: 357 to Washington
Specialties: French Fries, Hot Dog
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 11am-7pm

In Short
This compact orange-and-white A-frame has just a couple of stools at the window for seating, plus outdoor picnic tables during warm weather. Folks don't mind waiting for David Berg hot dogs--shorter and plumper than Vienna Beef, and steamed, not grilled. The basic dog gets mustard, chopped onion, pickle relish, tomato and peppers. Also available are chili cheese dogs, Polish sausages, grilled burgers, chicken sandwiches and Italian beef; all served with long, thin fries.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Chicago Hot Dog's Ingredients

A true Chicago style dog contains distinct ingredients and is dressed in a very specific order. Depending on who you ask, the hot dog wieners can be boiled, steamed, or grilled, but one thing seems to be agreed upon almost universally - do not put ketchup on it. Ever.


100% beef hot dogs
Poppy seed bun
Yellow mustard
Sweet relish (of the neon green variety)
Freshly chopped onions
Dill pickle slice / spear
Tomato slices
Sport peppers
Dash of celery salt