Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Georges Hot Dogs

Neighborhood: Bucktown
1876 N Damen Ave
(between Cortland St & Moffat St)
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 227-4034

Now if there is a place to splurge on a Chicago dog and the best tasting fries in Chicago, this is the place to go. Vegetarians will like the selection of the veggie burger and fries. The salad is a good option as well (if you want to stay a little healthy). Ten years ago it was simple to visit George's for lunch (and even dinner) on the weekends, so I hope all those hot dogs and fries helped keep him open as the neighborhood changed.

You know a true hot dog/gyro joint by the signs, then by the quick service, then by price and finally the taste. Here, you get quick and friendly service (even if you are a newcomer). Also, they have some outside dining. All deserving of 5 stars for a Chicago hot dog joint.

George's is located in the heart of Bucktown, so if you are in the area during the day and need a quick bite, be sure to stop in and enjoy.

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