Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chicago Hot Dog In Arizona....Oh Yes !!

After coming back to Phoenix yesterday after a week in Chicago, I already missed that wonderful Chicago taste, And then I stopped at "Chicago Gyros" in Phoenix, And what a great surprise the menu showed all of those things that only Chicago has to offer, REAL Chicago Hot Dogs, Italian Beef, gyro's etc etc. But did they match those dogs from Chi Town.............OH YES. The Hot dog was dressed Chicago style with mustard, relish,onion,pickle,tomato and Yes celery salt topper, The restaurant was booming at lunch and its apparent why with the Chicago population in Phoenix.And all the other important things also as a super clean restaurant,friendly help and plenty of Chicago memorabilia So if you miss that taste of home make sure to stop at...

Chicago Gyros at 7th Ave & Union Hills Dr. - Phoenix

To Order, Call: (602) 978-4976

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