Monday, June 16, 2008

Chicago Hot Dogs In Arizona ??

Well the answer is a big Yes.... Don Guido's in Phoenix Arizona

Today I had the opportunity to have a Chicago Hot dog from this new place here in town, First was the great people who work here, Feel like your at home in Chi-Town.
Then they served us these works of art,or what you would think a masterpiece would look like when you long for that taste of a real Chicago dog, It was truly a diamond in the rough with everything from the glow in the dark relish, as only found in Chicago, All the way to the fresh pickle spear and that dash of celery salt to make this one mouthwatering bite of pleasure. They also carry some of Chicago's other favorites from Polish,Fire dogs and of course Chicago style Beef Sandwiches. And they also carry uncooked family packs for those wanting to bring this wonderful dog home or to what ever event you might like to share such a wonder.

Don Guido's Chicago Style Hot Dogs
8911 North Central Ave


Closed Sunday

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